Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You can leave your hat on.

You can leave your hat on., originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Hello world wide web, it's 2008, and how do you feel?

Are you happy, are you sad
or most the time just mad?
Remember whoever said progress was a slow process, wasn't talking about you, you are the P.I.M.P,
I just wonder who's got the magic stick...

But girls just wanna have fun, so I will continue this blog, and don't mind the why?-thing in my head.
This photo is as always imperfect (green line...), but I love the light and this play with things and thoughts. The suggestion of another world. Fun is possible!

I'll try ever so hard to keep my spirit up, move my lazy ass and enjoy my ' weird head' this year. Just love life.
And the friendly people on the world wide web, love to you.

You can leave your hat on - Joe Cocker


Friederike! said...

so we leave our hats on while wishing you a great new year with fun and lots of LOVE in the air! xoxoxo, F!&S.

elisa said...

Friederike & Sandra, I'll wish you back a great new year with fun, lots of love and sunny days with fresh green grass to lie on and watch them little white sheep clouds pass by.
Love, Elisa

pruh said...

Wat een geweldige foto!

elisa said...

Bedankt Pruh! Dit is een foto binnen gemaakt met het licht van twee bouwlampen van de praxis. (15 euro per stuk ofzo.)