Monday, January 7, 2008

Pillow talk

Pillow talk, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Say hello to my little white sheep ;-)

It was a yule gift and has now his own room to live in.
We redecorated our little spare bedroom, painted the walls in a pale pink. Had a trip to the local Ikea for some more bookshelves a new carpet and pillows.
From fabrics and second-hand embroideries I made this pillows.
So white sheep and I can do some serious pillow talk this year.

Pillow talk - Nina Hagen


margaret said...

I like your pillows. I have my neighbor's sewing machine in my apartment right now because I'd like to start incorporating sewing into my creative endeavors. The problem is that I am supposed to finish the creative writing class that I signed up for...
I also like Nina Hagen.

elisa said...

Thanks Margaret, maybe you can start to sew a bag for your books and notes for the creative writing class, and write a story about all this things you discover about sewing, cutting patterns and wrong sides of fabrics stiched together :-)
To be spoild with choice about what new fun thing to do and learn is just great.