Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gloomy Sunday

softies, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Friends not from the blogging-community, :-) asked me what a softie was. So I'll show you the book cover from the Softies book (isbn 978-0-670-07082-4 , )

The other photo is one of two softies I've made and like not enough for the book design.

I feel so gloomy today,
time to go out and play...
And tomorrow another dawn will break.
Wish I could take on a new identity, start all over with myself.
Feel strong and free, (I know it's all in me, but hidden so far away)

I already know my new name;
Take my hat off for you, "Angenehm, Frits Wunderlich isst der name"

Sadly one Sunday
I waited and waited
With flowers in my arms
All the dream has created
I waited 'til dreams, like my heart were all broken
The flowers were all dead
And the words were unspoken
The grief that I know
was beyond all consoling
The beat of my heart was a bell that was tolling

Saddest of Sundays

Gloomy Sunday - Diamanda Galas

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