Sunday, January 20, 2008

Possibly Maybe

Elfenbankjes, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

A softie design is on it's way to Australia.
Feels like a child of me has gone backpacking and I will see a picture of her again in the book next year.
It was a insecure pregnancy with this child, and hard labour :-)
Pattern writing..., I never ever work with patterns, make my own as I go along.
It had to be perfect for me this softie, the honour to be in a book.

But after a lot of try -feel unsatisfied-try again she is just fine.

And the difficult process gave me the insight that it's not about perfect art or a perfect life.The longing for things to be perfect keeps the fun out of my life.

To walk the woods with joy and trust, that's what it all is about.
And walk the woods in our dreams tonight, maybe to see some fairies have a nice rest.

Love, Elisa.

Possibly Maybe - Bjork


Anonymous said...

Hoe gaat het Elisa?

I enjoyed your post on RIDL. I took my first Reclaiming Elements class way back in 1995?

I love reading others paths to the Divine.

Blessed be & Doei,

elisa said...

Thanks Panthera for your comment.
I'm fine! People stories always have my interest and personal sharing of spiritual paths are the cherries on the Pie!
Hopefully a lot of us share their story's on RIDL.

In 1995 my daughter Tara was born, that was such a great year!

Your name sounds familiar, do we know eachother "irl" or the Silver Circle forum?
Anyway, blessings and love for you, and may we meet on Hecate's cross point one fine day.
Love, Elisa