Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spring Fish review

Spring Fish review, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

The show is over now. I had a great time, talking with Lisette and playing with Flip her dog. Lots of people came, and we got a lot of compliments for our work.
All the talking took a lot of energy from me, I'm not used to be surrounded by so much people.
And for now I'm really happy to have some time alone with my muse. The muse is amused by me, for good behaving. So now it's time for my private party at home with the muse, we will dance along Macy Gray's oblivion;
the next time you're alone
you can
create a world of your own
make it magic
give it love
make it all you're dreaming of
in my underwear
sometimes i visit there
ignorance is bliss
don't know nothing but this

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kunst is een feestje at the Spring Fish show

My flag from my final year in art academy, it is made as a spell.
Wanting to invoke more light-party-feeling into my art world. I've missed the fun part so much in school. Art became so serious and heavy. The black spectacle people's way ;-)

Art is a party,
By the powers of three times three,
This spell bound around shall be,
By Earth, by Fire, by Air, by Sea
No harm no one
As I will so moted be

And it is!

We had another great afternoon at the show.
I've even made my first sale and I'm so grateful to present my work in this atmosphere. It feels so natural.

Party on tomorrow !
Shiny Love, Elisa.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pink Galore in my little towngarden

I had a busy week, helped preparing the school play . It's tradition in the last year of primary school. Tara's class has a funny musical about Snow White and seven gangsta-dwarfs. She plays one of the dwarfs, Yo !
There was my coven meeting, which always involves a lot of traveling-time. That's OK with me, I read a lot in the train. It was great, we cleansed and spitted and swear all stupid things away, gave each other golden beads, had a good laugh and ate strawberries with cream. Blessed be my sisters.
Yesterday we went to the flower market and made our little town garden look pretty again. Today I can hopefully do some art work, and tomorrow the show will go on again...

I have the feeling there will be a lot of visitor's this weekend, I'm so excited about it all.
Pink Blessings, Elisa.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

another Mother's Day gift., originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Tara made this collage for me, so funny.
She is so creative with the PC, and learned everything by herself.

It was just a perfect day, a nice breakfast with croissants and fresh orange-juice.
The spring-fish show in the afternoon was great, so much nice visitors. So many compliments and good-luck wishes.
And tonight we ate, with my parents, at a lovely Italian restaurant.

I feel so grateful for my life and now all I want is to lie in my bed and wait for the sandman to arrive.

Exit light, enter night, take my hand, up to neverneverland...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Atelier Wansinki

Atelier Wansinki, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Yesterday, Lisette and I prepared her lovely studio/gallery-space for our show. We had a calm and nice day.

I like the way our works look in this space. It's honest and joyful art, in a corresponding place.
Outside there is a flowering garden and a breathtaking landscape. All together it made me feel like a happy Hobbit in the Shire. And her dog Flip seems to like my Tuttebel, at least her carpet.

Don't let the hair on your toes ever fall out,
Love Elisa.


studio, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Tomorrow is the first day of the spring-fish show, today I'm trying to work in my studio. I'm so grateful about my cosy studio, and to be able to make this kind of work, have the time for it. But there is also much fear in me, it's so hard to believe in myself and my work. See myself as an artist and my work as art.
I have in me this little gnome that wants to hide in a toadstool and never wants to be seen.
But today I will listen to my fairy, that says : there is beauty and joy in you and your work, share and shine.

Shiny blessings, Elisa.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Air bubble

I remember one of the firts things 'they' learned me about art was that's not about romance or nostalgia. Decoration is not desirable.
That was 25 years ago, and I liked Jeff Koons blown up kitsch objects, and cuckoo clocks.

Today I believe that 'cute' can be great art. These cream puffs are from the Efteling, and I just love them. Looking like kings and queens dancing until dawn.
Make them 3 meters high, and let them shine in a museum of modern art.

What I think about 'them' today? The art world has too much fried air.

I'll go sit in the sun and blow some air bubbles, enjoy your day !

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Flower bulbs in the studio

Flower bulbs in progress :-), originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

I'm working on these now, and realize how much I love things that sprout. ( and polkadots ! )
All the greatness of everything is already in the seed.

Organic, round forms make me feel protected and comforted, they feel like home in a way.
I believe that Hundertwasser once said that the straight line is a crime. I don't know if it's true but to much straight lines feel like prison to me.

Let me walk on the little winding footpaths, with the possibility of a wonderful encounter around every corner. No straight lines needed for Mother Nature :-)

Walk in beauty today, love Elisa


In the local paper my picture, from yesterday's Queens day in Limburg. First I help with face-paint the children, they have a decorated-bike parade. Then we take a walk over the free-market. I bought a second hand book, ( Een zomerzotheid van Cissy van Marxveld. ) A girls book from 1927, I have never read before but it has to wait for a more quite day. The money for the book went to the world nature fund. So great from the girls to give the money away.

The plastic hat is from a lottery, and I really don't know if I like this picture. (smoking, spending, stupid hat)
And I'm definitely not an "Orange Babe". For me the monarchy is superfluous. I like democracy with a lot of room for anarchy and freedom of speech :-)
Tonight I'm having my little private Beltane celebration, with my lover. That beats Queens day and is a great time to clean our relationship of petty disharmony's.
Love and blessings to you all.