Friday, January 18, 2008

Ocean Rain

Salt in the corner, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Should have known better...,

Made a little ritual to clean my new magic room,and myself for the work I want to do.
Asked the elements for clear thoughts and new ideas, passion for life, the ability to cope really well with my emotions,good grounding and the center to hold.
Made a circle, used salt to absorb blockading energy. Spread my arms and whirled counterclockwise to release energy's in me and the room.
And a day later used my vacuum cleaner and sung along with Freddie Mercury's "I want to break free".

Really fun to do, made the room and myself feel really serene and in ease.
But the dancing widdershins was maybe a bit to enthusiastic or my horrible singing..., a few days later I catched a really bad stomach flu.
But after a week, lots of visiting the bathroom and gallons of tea, I can honestly say I have never felt this clean inside to ;-)

Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen

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