Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I don't give a ...

Almost a year of blogging for me now, I like to throw out these lines in universe. Like a drowning woman lifelines into the sea. I've tried to be optimistic and honest in my posts, as I strongly believe that the beauty I give is what makes my life more worth living.

But today it's time for a big rant on unempathic doctors. But I get so much pain in my belly from only thinking about it, I don't know were to start.
*How about asking a 12 year old girl who has her period for four weeks in a row, to undress. And as she comes back dressed in white cotton shirt and underpants say, 'you have to take your underpants of and sit on the bed with your legs in the iron things'. And without explaining starts to examine her...
*Or the gynaecologist asking the woman in pain during the same examination if she has troubles with intercourse, because by the tense way this goes he could not imagine it to go well...

Assholes go fuck your selves! And if you believe in Hell burn in it!
Next time I'll come to the hospital I'll try to bring some big Hell's Angels with me, and we will put you in the chair on your knees and start pushing medical instruments in you, see how you like that.

Pfff, breath out, breath in and remember I'm not my pain.
Love and trust, Elisa

I don't give a ... - Peaches

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Love like blood

Flowers and beads, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

These nights I dream that I'm a boy, walking happily in the woods.
In the morning I'm sad to wake with pain in my belly once again.
I feel so blessed with my daughter, so my womb really did a good job and I love it for that.
But always so much pain , it steals so much joy and confidence in my life.
Keeps me locked up in me.

Wish to be better real soon.
And work with hope,

Love like blood - Killing Joke