Monday, November 26, 2007

Shut Up

Pinocchio shadow, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

There is a big difference between inspiration and hard work and imitation!

My dear friend Sandra from Herzensart wrote a blog post about her designs being copied and sold on craft markets.
That makes me so mad. Her works are so sweet, wonderfully crafted, she gives them her heart and soul, her Herzensblut .

And then some stupid cow makes a bad imitation of it, and sells them.
That's so easy and cheap, surf a little on the Internet and copie.
This witch wishes the people who do this bad sex for the rest of their lives!

Just now, I'm busy to design some softies. And if you see the book with my design, you don't see the 50 little drawings I have made, the ten softies I have made before the right one is there. My attempts to write a pattern...
To make them for your own purpose is of course great, but to sell them... (remember: bad sex forever!#). This witch is one of my designs that is not going to be the one.

To all stupid copycats, get a life, make your own designs, or no more magic in the bedroom!

And to Sandra, please go on with your great work, and you're a real artist. May your life always be full with magic.

Shut up - Kelly Osbourne

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stir it up

Stir it up, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Last night Paul and I had the best time in our favorite local pub. It's called Bluff. I visit it maybe once a month since I was 15 years old. So that makes like 250 great evenings (or more) in 23 years. Drunk a 1000 beers, smoked 10.000 cigarettes in there. (I like my numbers).

And had lots and lots of fun, cannot remember ever shed a tear in this place. It's small and friendly, with just the best friends. It's the place where I can go alone and feel safe and comfortable. And can have a nice talk with someone, great people, as colorful as we humans come.

Telling you about it brings back so many happy memories, I made a fool out of myself so many times there and did not gave a shit about it. And the people around me just smiled and liked me anyway.
Makes me feel really blessed to have a place and friends like this in my life.

Yesterday one of the best woman in town, my dear friend Anke was Dj SkankinAnk, great reggae and alike music.

I'll raise my glass high for all the people I had and have fun with, may you all be blessed and happy.
And shed a tear for Suzanne, know that your a shining star for ever in my universe.

Stir it up- Bob Marley

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Staring at the sun

Opening night Kunstsupermarkt, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

The opening of the Kunstsupermarkt was very crowded and it was really hot in there.So much people, which is of course great but not easy to see and get a taste of the works. Lots of different things, overwhelming for me.I'll go back later this week to have a better look. We walked round, met nice artists and saw my works in different places amongst the others. I really like to make a world of my own, have a little corner or room (or the whole museum space with my show, dream on...).
This supermarket is just to get first impressions of what the artists do. Maybe buy a piece you like and remember favorite artist names, do a little Google and then discover new worlds for your soul.

The first photo shows some of the space and my daughter, who never wants her photo to be taken.In the second you see my fun time clock end up on the floor of a living room white space - in the supermarket!?

The little painting is from Tanja Ritterbex, we met at art school, she had her graduation show in the room next to mine. She is such a happy, funny girl and I totally love her joyful work. And a photo from the sweet girl herself.

The last two are from a big painting being made during the show. If you liked a part you could chose a frame, cut out the piece you liked. Pay for it and take home. Paul got himself a part of the cursing driver :-), for 5 Euro, he is now the proud owner of a original Erik Habets. I liked this very much, great project from Toon Verwegen, Francois Salden and Erik Habets. Smart young artists!

If you live nearby, check it out!

Staring at the sun - Wendy&Lisa

Friday, November 23, 2007

Smoke on the water

Tonight is the opening of the Kunstsupermarkt. With works from 120 artists. The museum is turned into a art supermarkt .
I sneaked in yesterday, it was not all in place but it looked very nice.

Art made common, price tags on artworks.
All under 350 euros. Almost like art for dump prices.
Like a 1 euro store.
A western cave of Aladdin, treasures to take home.

Will I ever find the lamp and let the jinn out?
Turn the museum room into an enchanted place, the way I dream it to be.
Far far away from a capitalist world?
A place to dwell in wonder.

Sugar sweet dreams.

Smoke on the water-Deep Purple

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In circles

crochet oracle, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Made little studies for crocheted forms. Let the circles grow in my hands. As I lay out the figures it looked like a crochet shamans oracle to me.
My underwater world has it own ways to speak to me.
Up to me to tell the story.
But my thoughts go in endless circles these days.

I'm busy to design some softies. But I will not show these in my Blog, you'll have to wait for the book to see them :-)
I like to think of characters and see how they become to life in little pieces of fabric.

Love from me on a cold and sunny day.

In circles - Einsturzende neubauten