Monday, November 26, 2007

Shut Up

Pinocchio shadow, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

There is a big difference between inspiration and hard work and imitation!

My dear friend Sandra from Herzensart wrote a blog post about her designs being copied and sold on craft markets.
That makes me so mad. Her works are so sweet, wonderfully crafted, she gives them her heart and soul, her Herzensblut .

And then some stupid cow makes a bad imitation of it, and sells them.
That's so easy and cheap, surf a little on the Internet and copie.
This witch wishes the people who do this bad sex for the rest of their lives!

Just now, I'm busy to design some softies. And if you see the book with my design, you don't see the 50 little drawings I have made, the ten softies I have made before the right one is there. My attempts to write a pattern...
To make them for your own purpose is of course great, but to sell them... (remember: bad sex forever!#). This witch is one of my designs that is not going to be the one.

To all stupid copycats, get a life, make your own designs, or no more magic in the bedroom!

And to Sandra, please go on with your great work, and you're a real artist. May your life always be full with magic.

Shut up - Kelly Osbourne

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Friederike! said...

hohoooo I could not imagine a more appropriate punishment :D
Thank you my friend!