Saturday, November 24, 2007

Staring at the sun

Opening night Kunstsupermarkt, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

The opening of the Kunstsupermarkt was very crowded and it was really hot in there.So much people, which is of course great but not easy to see and get a taste of the works. Lots of different things, overwhelming for me.I'll go back later this week to have a better look. We walked round, met nice artists and saw my works in different places amongst the others. I really like to make a world of my own, have a little corner or room (or the whole museum space with my show, dream on...).
This supermarket is just to get first impressions of what the artists do. Maybe buy a piece you like and remember favorite artist names, do a little Google and then discover new worlds for your soul.

The first photo shows some of the space and my daughter, who never wants her photo to be taken.In the second you see my fun time clock end up on the floor of a living room white space - in the supermarket!?

The little painting is from Tanja Ritterbex, we met at art school, she had her graduation show in the room next to mine. She is such a happy, funny girl and I totally love her joyful work. And a photo from the sweet girl herself.

The last two are from a big painting being made during the show. If you liked a part you could chose a frame, cut out the piece you liked. Pay for it and take home. Paul got himself a part of the cursing driver :-), for 5 Euro, he is now the proud owner of a original Erik Habets. I liked this very much, great project from Toon Verwegen, Francois Salden and Erik Habets. Smart young artists!

If you live nearby, check it out!

Staring at the sun - Wendy&Lisa

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johanna said...

Beste Elisa!
Some time ago when I couldn't visit "Big Fish" (in Teupen?) I looked you up online and have since then been back a few times. I work in the Kunstsupermarkt two days a week now, I'm only the "suppoost-supporter". Your clock and big colourful artworks make the White Cube cheerful. Its really great! A little girl didn't want to say goodbye to "her new doll" the other day :) She wanted to take your art home and her mom wouldn't let her :(
have a good day!