Sunday, December 2, 2007

You move me

You move me, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Sometimes life is more surreal than usual.

This week I had a visit from a sweet girl who saw my work and blog. She had a vision in church of a "little jesus" doll. She had big, wonder full plans, to make together with a group woman's from India a lot of them. Sell them, and give back a big part of the profit to people in need.
Sweet dream...

So optimistic and sure she's got help from above. To me, it was a joy to see, but I really wonder what the catholic church puts on 'the body of Christ' these days. Some LSD maybe? (not offending here, just a joke :-)

The surreal aspect was in the illusion of this world we live in.

She, a catholic, believing in heaven and hell. Dark forces, that can jump upon you if you do bad things like rotating a glass. Things jumping in and out of aura's.2012 as a year the world will change; energies on a higher level. Only see the light...

Things that sound like a mixture of church learned fear and buggery bullocks new age crap to me.

And myself, a so claimed pagan, member of a witches coven. Feeling divinity in all. Have a direct connection to it. Make up my own rituals,or even my own goddesses and gods. Draw down the moon. Not afraid of the dark more than the light. Both are equal valuable to me and to be found everywhere. I don't believe in a devil but I do believe in Pipi Longstocking. Use oracles and scrying whenever I feel like it. Protect myself on my bike with a pink chewing gum shield all around me. Meditate. Use a Egyptian Spell to make my own healing water.But most of all, do a lot of grounding practice. Roots down, branches up.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the strangest of us all?

We sure were two fine examples of the modern day spirituality.
I truly believe there are as much as religions as there are people.
I want to put my attention on the resemblance between people, not the differences. And we had some good laughs this afternoon, so I like to help her, by giving her design a shape.

The whole thing made me laugh like a Buddha, little silly humans.
Sweet dreams of dancing the global spiral dance to all wanderers.

You move me -The Comsat Angels


Friederike! said...

this post made me smile. I love your house drawing, it has really strong roots

Marloes / TussenpoZen said...

Beautiful story :)