Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time to dream again

corner of my expo, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Feel like a queen of boredom is not the way I like to be.
There's is always a treasure to find if you search, a friend to play...
Maybe because I have a little flu, my head is full with grey clouds and shivers run over my body. My time to have fun is not there.

Take a warm bath, have a nice meal (pasta with bacon and cheese sauce, mmm...) and tomorrow will have raindrops on roses, polka dots and imagination again!

Sleep well under a warm blanket this night...


Camilla said...

This is amazing! Thankyou for adding me on flickr, and leading me to your blog.

Sara said...

this kind of stove kills me! :-)

elisa said...

Thanks for your compliments,
and Sara the stove is one of my own favorite pieces. I will never sell it, it's to close to my heart.

I would love to visit your studio in the mountains and sit by your stoves one fine day!