Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Earth Path

Earth Path workshop, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Last weekend I was in sunny Amsterdam, for a Reclaiming workshop.
Had a great time, very inspiring and fun. I love to listen to Starhawk, she knows so much about spirituality and nature.And tells great stories from her political/magical activism. Of course we talked a lot about the state of the earth. And how we can be earth healers, instead of destroyers.

And learned things about the powers of toadstools in nature. My love for them turned out to be more then just a romantic fairytale creature :-) They can be very helpful in cleaning diluted soil and lots of other things.

We did an observation exercise in a beautiful canal house garden. I got dazzled by the beauty and fragile patience from the spider's and their webs.
Admiration for their patterns and durability.
website from the garden:

I loved the trance we did, everything is interconnected, everything moves in cycles...

Saturday evening I spend in the Vondelpark with some dear coven members, and loved to stay at my friend Saskia's house. She is so sweet and a true activist.

For my ever lasting insecurity I've taken home a very good way to deal with this; if your not sure; act as if !

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dreamcat said...

Yeah, to 'act as if' is an importan esoteric teaching.

When asked about sacrificing to the spirits, Confucius said: 'to sacrifice as if present'