Monday, May 5, 2008

Through the never

Beltane, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

On this long sunny Beltane weekend in Holland we had lots of fun.
Winter is over, love is in the making and the greens are full with daisy's.

The seeds I've planted at Imbolc are become tiny little plants, waiting for me feeding them with my fresh new thoughts, waters of emotion, inspirational fire, and get my hands dirty in the soil.

The making of art is more and more a spiritual journey to me.
Getting rid of voices in my head and follow my own inner light as it always lights my personal yellow-brick-road. And to know that how strange and dangerous or dull my path may seem, the reward is always to come home. And home has nothing to do with the place I live on earth, as long as I wear my red shoes I am there!

With the power of sex celebrated on Beltane, I remember it's so easy to see and follow my inner light. Just listen to the things that make me excited :-)

Trough the never- Metallica


Q said...

mitra sol invictus
vriend zon onoverwonnen
zegen en voorspoed

De forens said...

Nice interpretation of Metallica and pictures.

I use Metallica " Justice for All"
Album to illustrate an article about Human Rights in China.