Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog break

Invoke tree, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

With this laminated images I'm going to say goodbye for now.
It's my little invoke tree for happy times.

This weekend its off to the Pinkpop festival for me. I'm really looking forward to see and hear Metallica and Rage Against The Machine.
And enjoy three days of festival and the company of my dear friends.

Later there will be a short trip to London, and my first time in a plane :-)
And to make some real money I'm going to work in a "normal" job, telephone work.
Let's hope I like it, and still have enough time and energy to work on my art.

Thanks for reading and see you in a while,
let us all make the best life we can, with love in our hearts and peace in our actions.

Sunny Blessings, Elisa


ainesse said...


hope you have /had a great vacation in the UK, London is great too. The only thing is that with a short amount of time its pretty difficult to get to see anything 'properly'.

Telephone work -- hope that you can manage it.

keep in touch with us here through your blog so we know how you are getting along.

best wishes

Aine (with the obstreperous leg e.t.c.)!!

glued blue glass said...

Wishing you wonderful adventures and that you still have time to make art. Post something on here every once in a while so that your readers know how you are doing, OK?

Irene said...

Pinkpop was dus geweldig, het weer viel gelukkig mee, te gek. Wij genieten er op onze manier van, drommen mensen.....interessant om een praatje mee te maken.....aangezien we vlak bij het station wonen, zien we velen aankomen en zoeken naar een supermarkt. Wij, en ik denk dat ik namens de meeste mensen in onze omgeving spreek, genieten best van deze drukte, laten we eerlijk zijn, we hebben er nooit "last" van, beter 60.000 pinkpoppers, dan 1 trein vol voetbalsupporters.....
Zelden ruzie, alleen blije mensen, wat wil je nog meer!
Cynthia had graag Metallica gezien....volgend jaar mag ze een dag met mijn schoonbroer mee ;-) verheugd ze zich nu al op! Veel plezier in Londen, vliegen is niet echt eng, zal best meevallen ;-)en succes in je nieuwe baan!!

Q said...

Just received your hives-mail with only the heading, I suppose your intention was to tell us you're on vacation...

Have a nice time

elisa said...

Hello dear blog-readers,

I had the best time at the Pinkpop festival, loved the music and energy from Metallica and Rage Against the machine. Three days on the festival camping with a wonderfull group of friends.

London was just perfect, the best sunny weather, a three days underground card and go...
We saw a lot; Camden, Tate Modern, British museum, Kensington Park with Peter Pan's statue. (He's my life-long muse.) Treadwell's bookshop at Covent garden and lots of colorful people from all over the world. I'm sure from every country one this planet there is at least one living in London now.

But for now, I'm totally happy in my home studio.
I did not hear anything from the Telephone job, and I'm not the one going to remind them ;-)
My inner muse needs no money, but time to dwell in images.
I just love to have time to create :-)

Best wishes to you.

@Hok, ik heb mijn hele hyves account gedelete. Vond dat ik veelste veel achter de pc zat. Ik had iedereen een afscheidsmail gestuurd, maar die is mee verdwenen. Echte vrienden vinden me toch wel! Jammer van het Urban camp. Voor mij was het of drie dagen Pinkpop of Urban. Achteraf zeker blij dat ik dat heb gedaan.
We zien elkaar vast weer een andere keer, liefs,