Friday, April 25, 2008

A Forest

Tree planting :-), originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

A grown up tree is been planting across my street.
Makes me feel very happy to see some green in the midst of the concrete jungle.

And in my dream head I'm singing the Cure's song;

Come closer and see
See into the trees
Find the girl
While you can
Come close and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes

I hear her voice
Calling my name
The sound is deep
In the dark
I hear her voice
And start to run
In to the trees
In to the trees

In to the trees

Suddenly I stop
But I know it's too late
I'm lost in a forest
All alone
The girl was never there
It's always the same
I'm running towards nothing
Again and again and again

1 comment:

Karen Sanders said...

Hello Elisa,
Spring makes me so happy and gives lots and lots of new energy, I hope it is working the same way for you too! All this energy resulted in my decision to open up my ETSY shop! I'll write some about it in my blog soon. If you want to visit: I Would love to hear what you think about it. May your new forest be gentile to you and bless you with fresh air and fresh thoughts! Love, Karen.