Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scissor time

Plaatjes knippen, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Being happy is in small things... I remember me as a little girl, recovering from a flu, on my bed made on the sofa. My mom gave me a sketch book, magazines, scissors and glue. Days of fun for me.

Don't ask me what or why. For I don't now the answer.
Maybe it's a kind of invocation of a photo shop shiny happy world.
A shrine for a superfluous glamour Goddess.

The creative process of making art is asking questions, not giving answers.

May we never stop wondering.
Love, Elisa Scissorhand


glued blue glass said...

Ah, such a relief in this crazy world.

elisa said...

Thanks Margaret for you nice comment.
There has been so much doubt in me about blogging, why should I write about my little peacefull life. While there is so much injustice, sadness and violence in this world. Somedays I find it hard to watch the news, makes me feel so sad.
I really wish we all could live in peace on this beautiful earth. There is so little I can do; vote, donate, protest.
And I hope to give some light and laugh in my art. I really love your posts, I make a link to your blog.
May I never forget how fortunate I am with my freedom and peace.
Love to you, Elisa