Friday, August 10, 2007


elisa en tara op kamp, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

During the last three summers, I joined the Loreley-witch camp. )( /

These were great times, made a lot of friends from all over the world and learned a lot, about the Goddess,elements, magic, tools and rituals. Did a lot of inner work, danced by the fire, laughed a lot and cried a bit. Magic weeks in my life.

This year I won't be there, but will be sending lots of love to all my friends .

And I really enjoy our holiday at home, today we went on a day-trip to Leiden.
We visited the National museum of antiquities. (

That was so impressive, to see all these beautiful crafted things from thousands and thousands of years ago. So much magic there, Egyptian and Roman ritual tools and offer plates. Altars for the dutch Goddess Nehalenia, the Hecate-vase, all those Gods and Goddesses. The believe of people in an other world behind death.

The knowledge and civilisation in the near East, so long ago. Long before a civilisation in Europe, I so much wish we could live in peace all over the world. And see the beauty in each other and love and care for our Earth.
It is possible, I know.


Friederike! said...

wish you a happy "at home holiday" with many inspiring short trips! big hug from the country side :)

Maren said...

I, too, am feeling very strange about not being at Loreley! There is still a sense of disbelief at it in me. Next year, though, there will be a different situation. And we will both be there, won't we? :oD

elisa said...

Thanks Friederike for the big hug from the country side. You are really enjoying your new garden, lots of fun there.

Maren, thanks for your comment! A part of us is with all our friends. And I feel very connected to you, our eyes-excercise, and you really amused me when you drunk to much coca-cola!
Hope you and your daughter are doing really fine. And next summer we will be together at loreley, as we will so moto it be! Lots of love.