Sunday, August 26, 2007

My little film

This is the parkstad mobile live item, almost 7 minutes, item about my art and show from the Parkstad atelierroute june 2007.
So now you can see me move around in my studio, and hear me talk :-)

I had a good laugh watching myself, it looks so serious. And all I really want are playfull times and fun art. But I love it, it shows my studio from the heart, with this great music from Bjork.


Friederike! said...

Dear Elisa, the film is so sweet and you are so beautiful! It´s nice to see your wonderful studio, that I was allowed to see in real now in this film again. Congratulations!

Xylia said...

Oh! I keep forgetting about your blog for weeks at a time. Now look what I find! How wonderful. It not only shows how talented you are, but how beautiful and intelligent you are, too. And I can tell all of this even though I can't understand one single word of it other than your name! Really........this is just wonderful.

elisa said...

Thanks a lot! The blogging is so new to me, and I so much appreciate your nice comments. And the effort you take in reading and watching. Love for my two internet friends.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Three!! What about three interent friends. ME. Your studio and work is incredible. I love it all!! xxo

elisa said...

Hello new friend. I just found your blog a few days ago. I love it, and will read it from now on. I love your style and taste.

lisette said...

hoi elisa,
prachtig filmpje alhoewel ik er niets van verstaan heb omdat het geluid van mijn computer het niet meer doet.Je ziet er zo mooi uit en je werk wordt uitgebreid getoond; echt een visitekaartje.
Flip kauwt overigens nog steeds op je bot, dat is echt zijn favouriet en wordt voor speciale momenten bewaard!
liefs lisette