Sunday, August 19, 2007

One more day to go...

RD4 thrift shopping, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Yes, I counted the days this week.

One more day in our holiday and on Monday work and school starts.
Seven weeks of spending almost no time alone in my studio, almost no work done makes me a bit itchy. Time to get my head and hands on a new project. During summer I just see my soap bubbly ideas floating on the far reach of my view. I want to be able to focus again.
No complains though, I loved this quite and mild summer, the nice times we had together.

One of the things I really love is thrift shopping, this is my treasure from my last trip,for four Euro I had lots of fun in the store.

And it's so funny that I love these kitsch, things I really hated as a girl and young adult. Now I'm on a quest to find out what the magic in kitsch is all about. There is a part that makes me like it.
And buy them for inspiration, and I always can use little things in an installation, can't I?

And now I can re-read the Trojan war, maybe I learn some tricks to feel more powerful as a little woman in a big-big world.

Love and loud rock music for everybody, with a bit of sparkly glitter.

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Friederike! said...

I can understand so very well what you mean. After being 9 weeks surrounded by "others", I enjoy being alone again, having my daily routine and trying to find back to create something.