Wednesday, May 2, 2007


In the local paper my picture, from yesterday's Queens day in Limburg. First I help with face-paint the children, they have a decorated-bike parade. Then we take a walk over the free-market. I bought a second hand book, ( Een zomerzotheid van Cissy van Marxveld. ) A girls book from 1927, I have never read before but it has to wait for a more quite day. The money for the book went to the world nature fund. So great from the girls to give the money away.

The plastic hat is from a lottery, and I really don't know if I like this picture. (smoking, spending, stupid hat)
And I'm definitely not an "Orange Babe". For me the monarchy is superfluous. I like democracy with a lot of room for anarchy and freedom of speech :-)
Tonight I'm having my little private Beltane celebration, with my lover. That beats Queens day and is a great time to clean our relationship of petty disharmony's.
Love and blessings to you all.

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