Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kunst is een feestje at the Spring Fish show

My flag from my final year in art academy, it is made as a spell.
Wanting to invoke more light-party-feeling into my art world. I've missed the fun part so much in school. Art became so serious and heavy. The black spectacle people's way ;-)

Art is a party,
By the powers of three times three,
This spell bound around shall be,
By Earth, by Fire, by Air, by Sea
No harm no one
As I will so moted be

And it is!

We had another great afternoon at the show.
I've even made my first sale and I'm so grateful to present my work in this atmosphere. It feels so natural.

Party on tomorrow !
Shiny Love, Elisa.


audrey van der krogt said...

Catching fish on the other side of the world, but catched by your party too! I'm so happy to hear how you feel and experiencing your show. Hope more people come to see it and want to take it home with them to be part of their world.
All good things for the three of you

elisa said...

Hello Audrey, great to hear from you.
Are you literally catching fish? exciting! I hope you're doing great on your island. And that romance is blooming. And one day, if lots and lots of people took home my art, I'll catch a plane, and visit you :-)
Paul and Tara ara doing fine, Tara is on school-camp now.
All good things for the two of you,
lots of love, elisa

Friederike! said...

Hi Elisa,
that sounds and looks so great. Did you have another show again - seems to be show time :o) ?
Love, Sandra

elisa said...

Hello Friederike, it was the same show. We are doing it for three weekends. And I'm glad to be an artist not an actor, it's not so easy for me to be in the spotlights. Show time is nice, making art is nicer!