Friday, May 11, 2007

Atelier Wansinki

Atelier Wansinki, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Yesterday, Lisette and I prepared her lovely studio/gallery-space for our show. We had a calm and nice day.

I like the way our works look in this space. It's honest and joyful art, in a corresponding place.
Outside there is a flowering garden and a breathtaking landscape. All together it made me feel like a happy Hobbit in the Shire. And her dog Flip seems to like my Tuttebel, at least her carpet.

Don't let the hair on your toes ever fall out,
Love Elisa.


Xylia said...

What a lovely, light space for art. You sound so happy and content!

elisa said...

Thanks, yes,I am happy and content :-)
Today was our first day and the space is so welcoming, there even came people in that were just passing by.
That's the way I like it, make art feel natural instead of incomprehensible.
All the people had positive comments today, so great.