Saturday, August 30, 2008


For the opening of the Cultura Nova festival a stranger came to Heerlen. It was a familiar stranger, the artists Plasticiens Volants and Os Gemeos have been several times in our little town. I really want to thank them for bringing a little magic back in town.
I loved the graffiti Giant around my corner from Os Gemeos and was happy to see his brother on the Tate Modern and Plasticiens Volants stole my heart 10 years ago with their birdwoman Ezili.
Some days it's great to live here :)

I spend the day making comfort foods, Cornish pasty (almost as good as the ones we so much loved in Padstow), chicken soup with home grown waterkress and potato salad.
Helps to make my soul stronger, at least one can eat the result ;)

Love and may no human or animal ever hunger again
and no soul be to insecure to create, Elisa


herzensart journal said...

how wonderful! I haven´t seen these flying creatures before. Thanks for sharing!
x Sandra

Marieke said...

These look amazing. Oh I wished I had time to go and see them in real, but thanks for showing them to us