Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun Park

Dsc_0082, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

My mascot "Platvoetje" solved the mystery of Stonehenge; it's a fun park for witches. Just the perfect spot for a show.

We loved Somerset and Cornwall, the beautiful land is soaked with stories. About ancient ones, wise woman and sea witches, King Arthur, healing wells and labyrinths, used and loved since ancient times. I visited the indoor Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, and loved her Temple all around.

Now it's home sweet home again, still searching for my yellow-brick road :-) Weaving stories in my web of faith.

And remember the sea air in my lungs, sunshine on my skin, water from Chalice Well in my mouth, the sand under my feet and the stories in my heart. Lift up my spirit, take a big jump and fly.


glued blue glass said...

"Weaving stories in my web of faith." Nice :) Isn't it wonderful what perspective travel can give you?
I like the photo of your mascot. Very creative and fun.
Revel in your creativity.

Marieke said...

Hoi Elise,

Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn weblog. Ik had vanavond pas tijd om even door more softies te bladeren en zag jouw little red riding hood. Leuk hé om je werk zo gepubliceerd te zien :)


herzensart journal said...

yes, fly fly fly dear Elisa