Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nothing else matters

Yule, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Best wishes and happy holidays to all my friends and blog readers.
Wish you all peace and joy and lots of good times with the ones you love.

We had our celebration of the winter solstice last night.
It was a wonderfull night, together with our pagan friends. The yule ritual was joyfull and touched my soul.

I never know what I like the most; being with my friends, the ritual, the presents, the good food, the fire all night, the trance, the games we play, to see the sun come at dawn. So much to like...

The one thing I don't like is to always learn new songs, and the worst is that I have to sing them. My voice sounds like an old crow :-)
But I love very much to hear my friends sing.

***Wandering in the deep of the night

A thousand birds take flight
And our dreams are born on the wings of change
We are weaving the world tonight***

May all the weavers of the world be blessed and find joy in their work.
Love, Elisa

Nothing else matters - Metallica

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Friederike! said...

how wonderful that you celebrated in and with nature. May your dream comes true! xo, F! & S.