Friday, April 6, 2007

Walk in the woods

kikker, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Since summer, I feel like I'm standing still, not moving fore ward. Feel like a little girl lost in a dark forest. Afraid of what's behind the trees.
In order to take the next step in my life, I tend to think I have to figure out the whole thing, my hole life after this step. And to do that, I have to know how the world works... So stupid, stepping into the unknown is the only thing I can do.
And as I walk my path, try to listen to my core. And pretend I'm not afraid alone in the woods...

Have a nice walk in the woods today !


anya said...

whauw, your a great writer as well as an 3d artist.i do understand your worries,butyou have to know you make wonderfull things and they are created in a wonderfull mind....xxxanya

elisa said...

Dear Anya, thanks for the compliments...once a art-school teacher said to me that I had a "strange head". Now I have a wonderfull mind :-) xxxelisa

Xylia said...

What a wonderful entry. I feel just like you, so I can understand exactly how you feel. It's very obvious to me that you have such talent and such creativity, yet I understand that it's hard for you to see that in yourself. We are our own worst enemies, as the saying goes. Strange heads are the BEST. Don't change!

Here's a link to my Livejournal if you'd like to drop's not much and I'm not good about updating, but you've shared, so I will, too. I don't really like Livejournal, but there's lot of information there and I have friends, so I keep going back.

Bad bad magpie

elisa said...

Xylia, thanks, I know, have to learn to love myself. I live with my strange head for 38 years, and beginning to like it. I will not change it, just a little more confidence. See you at Livejournal.
Blessings, Elisa .