Sunday, April 8, 2007


Flowers on the tree, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Yesterday, three blooming flowers left the circle, that made me sad but today my troubles seem far away.

I realise that nothing is stuck forever, life is always changing.
There is no need for me to try to change myself, thinking about how to be a better artist.
If I just do my work, life will change me.

Who is this flower above me, and what is the work of this God? I would know myself in all my parts.-Victor Anderson.

Brightest Blessings to my sisters.

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yoeke said...

ahhh, and isn't it a miracle of nature how a tree survives and lives on, even though flowers, be it three or hundreds of them, fall off...
it always scares me if i see some gardener pruning trees. or parents correcting their kids. or bwahhhh, operations, performed on tv...
it seems so cruel! and yet it seems to work pretty well. according to those laws of nature, if i want to get better i suppose i just have to cut off a foot.
hm. that will probably not be the work of this god.
thanks for your wonderful blog and pictures of your amazingly gently and cuddly work, elisa!