Thursday, March 22, 2007


my firts mosaic :-), originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

I like to feel as a beginner, in blog land, the art world and in life.
The beginning holds so much joy, hope and expectation.
It allows me to see the world with open eyes without prejudgement.
To take this open feeling home with me, in my underwater world, helps me to be creative.
Just try to be a beginner, it's fun!


Friederike! said...

your post made me think of David Bowie´s "Absolute Beginners" a song which I love very much!

elisa said...

I love that song also!
If my thoughts are stuck in my head, I listen to "Wild is the wind" from Bowie, maybe for one hour on repeat.
And blow, with the sound of mandolines..., fresh space in, it really works for me!