Saturday, August 6, 2011

Play time for Fifi and Eloise

Play time for Fifi and Eloise by Tuttebel
Play time for Fifi and Eloise, a photo by Tuttebel on Flickr.

To make a decent product photo is not so easy. We are having a lot of rain and darkness these days.
But I've learned some tricks of the trade and a 1960's filter is just perfect for my mood.

Focus on the bright side of life!


Anonymous said...

I love the filter..

and yes ..hard to get the images looking the way you want..

Elisa / MollyMorpheus said...


I admire your photos, the love you put into your work really shows.
I'll take my time and try again and again. Happy to have 1 september as my goal. I could easy try for a year :)