Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Molly Morpheus.

Made a banner for my Etsy seller account.
My intention is to open on the first of september,
you know the Hogwarts experss leaves that day on platform 9 3/4. No better time to start my little shop. May it be a lovely, magick experience for Molly, me and you!3 times 3, so mote it be!


Shell said...

Ooh, a little store of all your loveliness! How darling. And you've been camping in France? What a dream! I can't wait to visit Europe again some day. We're so far away from everything down here in Oz, but we'll get there one day and go camping in France too...mark my words! Hope you're busily making little wonders! :)

elisa said...

Hi to my Oz friend :)

Camping in France is what 80 procent of Dutch families do in Summer, considered rather boring :)I just love to see some waves once in a while. I'll happy make space in my studio to be a guest room to you.

Making little wonders is a bit in the background, I'm busy sorting out shipping, payments and shop policies on Etsy. And waiting for the sun to make some decent product photos :) Please send some over!