Friday, August 21, 2009


Images, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

By now, I must have over 500 laminated images, all cut from magazines.

The choices I make to cut an image or not tells a story. What is still hidden in the morning mist.
Feels like working on a shell grotto.
Waiting for the sun to come out and solve the mist. But as we all know, that can take years.
Maybe I'm all wrinkled and grey by the time ;)

For sure the story will start with once upon a time...
may they live happily ever after.

And so may you, love Elisa.


Michael said...

Hi Elisa,
I just want to say that you have a really nice blog and I automatically receive all your posts. Usually I'm simply too lazy to comment :-)

Best regards,

Michael (Sandras husband)

elisa said...

Thank you Michael, so nice to know.
Wish you and Sandra all the luck in the world.

Nishant said...

ust want to say that you have a really nice blog

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