Thursday, August 13, 2009

The artist as canvas :)

The artist as canvas :), originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Spend the day with the little ones, we had a fun time.

My face was a canvas for five little brushes, with five serious sweet faces behind them. You can see how gentle they worked. I just love the result, as the photo.

Kids are the best humans :)


herzensart said...

what a lovely idea :)

elisa said...

We should carry some face paint all the time in our handbags. So much fun to have with it.

I'm looking foreward to some free time, just to sit in my studio and make.Tomorrow...
For today my energy has gone, spend 8 hours with 7 kids, aged 4/8.

Fun, but now all I need is a hot bath ;)
I want to be in your flow. Love the moustaches :)