Thursday, April 30, 2009


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Counting sheep for weeks now, can't seem to get grip on a normal sleeping pattern.

To skip a night or two is great for my creativity. Ideas open up easier in the wee hours of the night. And as tiredness takes over the inner critic shuts down. Once a month it's a good place to be.

Now, I'm just walking on my last reserves, energeticly and emotionally.
That's a state I despise. Small things matter to much, I get overwhelmed by feelings. Daily life feels like a constant struggle.
Depressing thoughts take over.
Beltane seems lightyears away.

Time to visit my inner place of power
and find first peace,
joy will follow :)

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herzensart said...

Dear Elisa, I hope "sleep has found you" again.
Like you, I suffered from sleep deprivation some weeks ago, lying awake for hours every night. What really helped me was valerian. It took a while until it worked, but finally I found a "normal" sleep rhythm again. Hope the same for you!
xo Sandra