Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet the Foggels

Foggels, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

I had the best rainy tuesday, having the home to myself.

Enjoying the solitude.
Made some more drawings on a cardboard box.
and take these two Foggels out in the little garden.
They look a little scared, small birds in a big world.
Just like me.

At home I don't have to be brave.

That's what I love,
just to be me
and play a little.

O my, having posted this I decide to google Foggels, to see if the word is already out there. To me it sounds like a strange way of saying the dutch word for birds - vogels-.
Ahum, it already has a meaning; Foggels; when you place your testicals over someones eyes to blind them.
Now they really make me laugh.
And am wondering what word there is for breasts who do the same. Boggels?

1 comment:

herzensart said...

Boggles... :D

Your foggles with worm like noses/beaks are so funny, ha!