Thursday, July 19, 2007


crochet in melisse WIP, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

Still working on my crochet skills.
Not knowing what this will be; a witchy hat, a sculpture, or a tree for next yule?

I love this kind of work, crafts work. It gives me time to think or even meditate while working. For me it's sometimes easier to do than just sit still.

I'm thinking about the border line between art- and crafts work.
The difference lies not in the materials or techniques the artist uses.

The difference between art and crafts can be found in the autonomy of the work, the purpose of the work, the artist who made it and the place where it is shown.

But under this all there is something more to me.

The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge made an distinction between imagination and inventions.
Both free humans form daily experiences and perceptions, but imagination comes from spiritual truths, as inventions are the source of fantasies. The inventions may be exciting, they don't have real meaning. They come from the part of you, you call "I", your talking self, thinking self,shining body, your mind or however you may call it.
It means nothing on a deeper subconscious level.

That's the big challenge for me, to be able to make this distinction between fantasies and truths. Between good and bad art. I wonder if I can ever see this.

On the other hand, I remember a teacher say; "I'm not interested at the truth, I want to see a good image."
That's also very true, so a lot of skills come in the process of making art to.

There was also this teacher who said to me: " Elisa, don't think to much, just work."

And that's the advice I take for today; Frohes schaffen, Happy crafting!

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