Wednesday, May 18, 2011

La famille Tour

Had to bake a tray full of Madelines to make them pose for me. It's a bit of a posh tribe this one, they sure love to keep their grey noses up in the air.

Let me introduce them to you;

Hugo, Benjamin, Yann
Eloise, Ferdinand, Zephir,
Gilbert and Mathilde.

L'amour toujours!


Hanneke said...

I was at the 'Blokker' today: they have these (maybe too ugly) plastic grass-thingies with flowers in them. What if I made a little garden for your dolls, in the window of the studio? Would they like to come out and play here?

elisa said...

The plastic grass could work. But I love to make something special.

( Wil je de vensterbank voor me opmeten?)
Bedankt voor het aanbod!

Sandra Monat said...

LOVE!!! What an amazing bunch

elisa said...

Thank you dear Sandra.

You are my favorite blog friend <3