Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. Mascot

Mr. Mascot, originally uploaded by Tuttebel.

helps me to feel good in the new studio.
It's at the back of the house,less road noise.
We just love the silence. Well,for a short time to have a rest from the strange pogo dance we just did.
Playtime has arrived!

May your Mabon be blessed and enjoy the dark part of the year.

To wear warm wool again, take a short walk, feel the fresh air.
Autumn Forrest would be my favorite perfume


Anonymous said...

Hi lovely Elisa,

Strange to see the colors turning into white. But I've noticed it makes you very happy! Go girl!
I've missed you. I actually feel a physical pain in my stomach when I remember the fantastic, magical times we had as a coven.

xxx Nienke

elisa said...

Dear Nienke,

Your comment makes me very happy. Yes, I love to rembember the great time we have spend between the worlds. And the fun, the Maypole dance indoors and you Limbo dancing to go under my ribbon :)
Deep inside I'm shaky and terribly insecure. Mabon felt as to much.
Love to see you back in better times.

xxx and a bear hug, Elisa