Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Molecule ( yet to be discovered by science ! )

Look at this "Fun Monecule", I made in the spring. Happines lives in pompoms :)

I participated in a real fun thing, "the mixed nuts project". The idea of a australian artist, Kirsty.
She send to artists and crafters from all over the world a pattern from a nut. Each artist altered the nut to his or her taste and its so much fun to see what they made.
There is a mixed nuts online exhibition, where you can see and buy the nuts. Go take a look :)

Sandra from Herzensart made a post about her beautiful Pieta Nut, go and read that to.

Make as much fun as you can this weekend,
sunshine and love, Elisa


Camilla said...

Oh I love that!

LIU said...

Es genial!!!! so funny!

elisa said...

Thanks for your nice comments, and sorry for the not working links. Just visit Sandra's blog by clicking the link to Herzensart, by blogs I love.
Fun is a choice :)

ainesse said...

Hi Elisa and thanks for the information about the NUTS exhibition . What a simple but great idea !!!!

Lovely artwork too..........

your blog has a sunny feel to it.

keep yourself warm



herzensart journal said...

this fun molecule is something I wish to sit in my neck to give me a soft hug with her tentakles whenever I need it :)
I love your pompon works so much!

Nishant said...

so funny!I love that!