Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swimming in your ocean

For the local spiritual bookstore I made this window display today.
I enjoyed taking some old works from the attic and let them see a bit of light. And had a really great time by making the display, talking to the shop owner and eat a delicious salmon salade baguette :-)

The room divider with ribbons and beads I customized yesterday.
I loved to work with beads and ribbons again.
*Note to me: collect more beads, ribbons, flowers and pompons!
How cool would be a room in a room totally made out of these.

The rest of the works are over ten years old. Made from paper mache, a shedded mermaids tale skin, a group of seven wise bird woman watching the waters of the world, and all the emotions flow in tides.
And my four "Nose-in-the-wind" elements watchers.

I picked out some books I liked in the store, added some fabric flowers and bling-bling to it all, and with a wave of my magic wand I was satisfied. And really enjoyed a fun day.
To me, it's important to remember the fun aspect of art and spiritual matters.
Follow my path of joy.

Swimming in your ocean - Crash Test dummies.


margaret said...

I love papier mache and the room dividers, i have so many stray materials that would be cool to use. hmm...

elisa said...

@ Margaret, just do it, so much fun!